Flea Microphones Flea47 Next

Flea47 Next

Introducing the Flea47 NEXT.

The FLEA47 NEXT sounds identical to the FLEA47. It uses the same wiring and components, in a cardioid only configuration.

It’s the ideal choice for audio professionals and enthusiasts who seek the classic u-forty-seven experience with a contemporary twist.


It comes equipped with:


  • Standard: F7 Capsule, our precise replica of the iconic M7 capsule.
  • Optional: F47 Capsule, an exact clone of the revered K47 capsule, available at no extra cost.


  • A faithful replica of the classic BV8 transformer.


  • Standard: FLEA EF12 or E80F tubes, offering reliability and longevity.
  • Upgrade Option: Original Telefunken EF12 tube for an additional cost.

Note: The E80F tubes represent the next evolution of the EF12 tubes, boasting an extended lifespan.

Polar Patterns

  • Cardioid Only.


Design Innovations

  • Simplified Design: By eliminating the omni pattern, we’ve achieved a slightly different design. This modification makes the microphone more streamlined and focused.
  • No Pattern Selector: The cardioid-only modification renders a pattern selector unnecessary, simplifying the design without compromising sound quality.
  • 7pin Binder Connector: A different microphone bottom connector is used for the FLEA47 NEXT, featuring a robust 7pin Binder connector for reliable and easy connection.


Complete Set

The FLEA47 NEXT comes as a complete package, including a lined wooden box for elegant storage, a dedicated power supply, a high-quality cable, and a shock mount for secure and versatile mounting.



Directional Pattern


Frequency Range

35Hz - 18kHz

Sensitivity at 1kHz


Rated Impedance

50/200 Ohm

Rated Load Impedance

min 500/2000 Ohm


Flea BV08


F7 or F47

Standard Tube


Optional Tube

Telefunken EF12 (+350€) or Valvo EF12 (+350€)



What's included in the microphone set

  • Microphone in wooden box
  • Power Supply
  • Mic – PSU Cable
  • Shockmount
  • Power Cord
  • Microphone Dust Cover
  • Printed Manual
  • All is packed in a hard carton product box with foam insert

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