Flea47 And Flea12, Paul Svenson – Svenmix

Paul Svenson

 “I must commend you on these beautiful microphones. The 47 you just built for me is a work of art both sonically and physically. I couldn’t be more pleased if it was a vintage U47. In fact, the sound of the 47 captures the soul of the U47 so beautifully that I truly have no interest in investing in a potentially troublesome vintage model. The same accolades apply to my Flea12. The care and craftsmanship your company puts into the creation of these beautiful instruments are uncompromising and rare. I look forward to ordering another Flea49 to complete my set.”


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FLEA50, FLEA12, Chris Fogel, USA


“You’ll be happy to know that my Fleas were all over the Oppenheimer score!”

FLEA12, Mike Valentine, London


“Recently I have had the pleasure of recording here in London, the Bach Cello Suites. The