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Flea M 251

20+ Years Of Flea Microphones!

FLEA50, FLEA12, Chris Fogel, USA


“You’ll be happy to know that my Fleas were all over the Oppenheimer score!”

FLEA ELA M 251, Rene Laflamme, Canada


“Just did a recording.It was a very real and beautiful sound with your mic’s.”

FLEA49, Chris Allen, NY USA


…I used my Flea49 on Samara Joy’s vocals on the 2023 Grammy nominated “Linger Awhile” in the Best Vocal Jazz Album category…

FLEA ELA M 251, Rene Laflamme, Canada


“I plug the 251’s this morning, oh man !! The sound in omni is mind blowing with my NAGRA analog tube recorder. No word 😉

FLEA ELA M 251, Petteri Sariola, Finland


“Check the video featuring the FLEA ELA M 251”

FLEA12, Mike Valentine, London


“Recently I have had the pleasure of recording here in London, the Bach Cello Suites. The choice of cellist was easy, for we have worked with the

Various FLEA mics, incl. Model A, Petteri Sariola, Finland


“I bought a Flea 47 Next microphone and I was so impressed by the workmanship and the sound of this microphone, that I just had

FLEA12’s, FLEA50’s, Erik Arvinder, SWEDEN


“Here are some pictures from today’s session with the Stockholm Studio Orchestra and our Flea 50’s and 12’s”

FLEA47, Thomas van Dalen, Belgium

I took a cool picture in the studio yesterday. A superb mic !!! 😉

Flea Microphones in Angel One at Angel Studios

London, UK

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