Flea Microphones Flea50 Vintage


Introducing the FLEA50, our meticulously crafted historical replica of the legendary m-fifty microphone. Every mechanical part of the FLEA50 is an identical reproduction of the original, ensuring authenticity and superior performance.

Key Features:


  • F9 Capsule: A perfect clone of the M9 capsule.


  • BV11 Replica: Our exact replica of the original BV11 transformer is a crucial component in reproducing the classic sound of the m-fifty.


  • 6S6B Triode Tube: Hand-selected for optimal performance, contributing to the microphone’s signature warmth and clarity.

Sound Characteristics:

  • The FLEA50 excels in AB stereo recording techniques, making it the ideal choice for symphonic orchestra miking. Its ability to act as a spot microphone for acoustic instruments further showcases its versatility.


  • This microphone’s capabilities extend far beyond these applications. Experience its clear and pleasant sound in various recording settings and discover why it’s a favorite among audio professionals.

Complete Set:

  • Each FLEA50 microphone is presented in a beautifully crafted wooden box, accompanied by a power supply unit (PSU), a high-quality cable, and a yokemount for versatile and stable positioning.


Directional Pattern


Frequency Range

40Hz - 18kHz

Sensitivity at 1kHz


Rated Impedance

50/200 Ohm

Rated Load Impedance

min 500/2000 Ohm


Flea BV11



Standard Tube




What's included in the microphone set

  • Microphone in wooden box
  • Power Supply
  • Mic – PSU Cable
  • Yoke-mount
  • Power Cord
  • Microphone Dust Cover
  • Printed Manual
  • All is packed in a hard carton product box with foam insert

What Our Flea50 Owners Say...

FLEA50, FLEA12, Chris Fogel, USA


“You’ll be happy to know that my Fleas were all over the Oppenheimer score!”

FLEA12’s, FLEA50’s, Erik Arvinder, SWEDEN


“Here are some pictures from today’s session with the Stockholm Studio Orchestra and our Flea

Flea50’s, Takehiko Naito, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

 “I’ve tried a lot of different mics for the Decker Tree. Neumann M49, Neumann M150,

Flea50’s And Flea47, Jason Larocca

“Here is a video including Jason recording the score for the “The Accountant.” He used

Flea50’s – Chris Fogel

“The complete orchestra was recorded with Flea50’s, all live, no samples.”