Flea50’s, Takehiko Naito, Tokyo, Japan

Takehiko Naito

Tokyo, Japan

 “I’ve tried a lot of different mics for the Decker Tree.
Neumann M49, Neumann M150, Neumann TLM50, DPA4006, etc.
They are all good mics, but I couldn’t be happier with them.

I wanted to try the Neumann M50.
As far as I know, there were no Neumann M50s in the Japanese recording studios.
I had a private owner of a pair of M50’s over 10 years ago and they were in poor mic condition and seemed to be broken.

If I were to come across a vintage Neumann M50 it was very expensive and I found it impossible for me to maintain the microphone’s condition.

But then I found the FLEA M50.
However, there was no FLEA M50 in Japan yet, so I couldn’t hear the sound of it.
So I contacted FLEA for advice and we were fortunate enough to have a producer engineer, Mr. Jason La Rocca, to give us some advice.

The FLEA M50 I ordered was a really great mic!
The sound was much better than any mic I’ve ever used.
I was very surprised and moved by the sound.
The sound of the FLEA M50 is both radiant and warm, and the sound space is vast.
The design of the mic body is also perfect and beautiful.
The FLEA M50 has become the best microphone I’ve ever used.

A big thank you to the team at FLEA and our producer-engineer, Mr. Jason La Rocca.”


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