Flea47, Flea12 – Emmanuel Villani, Studio Madrigal

Emmanuel Villani

 Flea47 is really impressive, I used it on vocal recordings with a Pyramix station, one pre-amplifier Milenia and a Mytek converter.
When I used it for the first time, once the material was plugged, and after having let it warm up for 12h, I couldn’t believe my ears. The voice keeps all its warmth thanks to a good presence in the medium register and the transparence is almost perfect. Dynamic is respected in such a level that we have the impression that the singer is in front of us. The softness and beauty of the different tones recorded show all the capacity of this microphone in restoring a non-agressive sound, in a wide detailed and precise way.
At the moment of the final mixing, the only correction done was on effects, reverberation, delay and compression, no other changes were made.
Flea12 is rich and fruity, and the presence of sharp and low-pitched tones makes this microphone unique. He goes where Flea47 doesn’t go very as smoothly as itself. I’ve made a test with a voice that needed to be changed for the production joining Flea47 and Flea12. I must confess that the result was astonishing. When the sound is perfectly recorded, it is very easy to work and change the elements.
I am very happy to have real microphones!


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