Flea47, Flea12, Flea Fester – The Dead Horses: (Studio Sessions June, 2004)

 “We used FLEA Fester for micking all distorted guitar tracks and were very surprised by wide, full and ambient sound we got from the recording. This was what we had been looking for for ages. FLEA Fester mic provided us with wide range of options to choose from for our recording. FLEA Fester is a great contribution to the overall sound”.

“After singing into Flea12, I could really hear what my voice really sounds like from the other side. I felt like I was sitting in the recording room with myself. It transfers all the frequencies of my voice, which is the thing I could not achieve with mics I previously used. Flea12 is a high value piece of work”.


What Other Flea12, Flea47 Owners Say...

FLEA50, FLEA12, Chris Fogel, USA


“You’ll be happy to know that my Fleas were all over the Oppenheimer score!”

FLEA12, Mike Valentine, London


“Recently I have had the pleasure of recording here in London, the Bach Cello Suites. The