Flea47, Flea12, John Painter, The Kitchen Studios, Dallas, Tx

John Painter

Dallas, USA

 ‘I use the u47 on a daily basis as my main vocal mic (as well as on other things) the c12, I use on overheads, acoustic instruments and like it as well. I have had many u47 type mics (Wunder,soundelux,peluso,lawson etc) and I like this one the best so far. I have also tried several c12s and they all sound so different, so far this one is the only one that remains in my mic locker. I am a true believer in your microphones.”


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FLEA50, FLEA12, Chris Fogel, USA


“You’ll be happy to know that my Fleas were all over the Oppenheimer score!”

FLEA12, Mike Valentine, London


“Recently I have had the pleasure of recording here in London, the Bach Cello Suites. The