Flea47, Flea12, Stephen Kurpis, Vitruvian Sound Nyc

Stephen Kurpis

New York, USA

 “I’ve been fortunate enough to work sessions at over a dozen exceptionally well equipped NYC recording studios using original U47/U48, Wunders, various odd brands, and the modern re-issue Telefunken microphones. I stumbled upon the Flea47 (with the EF12 tube) and was blown away by how accurate of a reproduction it was; to say nothing of its incredible price-point. When comparing clones, revisions, and re-issues, I listen very intently to the extremes of the register to see how the microphone stacks up in the plosive and sibilant ranges of the capsule’s response. The Flea clone has all the thick throaty bombast and velvet top end of the great 47s I’ve heard and used. I can’t imagine that any of my clients, or engineering associates, will care about the different logo once they hear the microphone for themselves; I certainly don’t.”


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“Here are some pictures from today’s session with the Stockholm Studio Orchestra and our Flea

FLEA47, Thomas van Dalen, Belgium

I took a cool picture in the studio yesterday. A superb mic !!! 😉

Flea Microphones in Angel One at Angel Studios

London, UK