Flea47 W/ F7 Capsule – Vincent Castaldo, The Tone Factory, Las Vegas

Vinnie Castaldo

Las Vegas, USA

 On first listen it was apparent to both of us this was the magical sound we’ve been searching for. Before the Flea47 we tried several newer high-end vocal mics as well as a few vintage mics, none of which made us that terribly excited about the vocal tone.

After trying a bunch of mic pre/ compressor combinations the chain we ended up using for most of the record was the Flea47 (in omni), Shadow Hills mono gamma (in discrete mode) and the -ADL Fairchild 670 compressor. Pure Heaven! For a few songs where we needed a bit more aggressive sound we used a vintage Neve 1081 and vintage blackface 1176 with no eq in both cases.

The Flea47 has impressed every artist I’ve used it on since and I recently used it on Denny Laine’s new record “Valley of Dreams”. As a matched pair they sound amazing on piano, drum overheads, room mics as well as guitar amps and acoustic guitars. The Flea47 definitely classed up my productions in the greatest way and I’m hoping for a pair of their Flea12s in the near future. Great job Guys!


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