Flea249, Gene Hall, Gabriel

G.Michael Hall, Gabriel

 From Gabriel: “I love my FLEA M249b microphone. It has become like an extension of my voice! I can’t imagine recording without it. I know that no matter what- I can always get the take I need because my custom built FLEA is the perfect microphone for me regardless of what style I’m singing. My FLEA M249b gives me so much flexibility. I can really let go on the big notes and still have so much head room and yet at the other end of the spectrum I am able to capture warm buttery intimate vocals like a charm. My FLEA really has become my best friend!! I’m so grateful to Ivan and Milos for building it for me. A million thanks to you both!” xx Gabriel xx

From Gene: “I should start by saying, we can use just about any mic we want, we choose our Flea M249b custom built by Flea everytime. It is always the right microphone for Gabriel’s powerful voice and incredible range. >> When we tried the Flea vintage M249b design, we knew we had found what we were looking for in a microphone for Gabriel.. There is a very refined presence about Gabriel’ 249, remarkable sounding each and every time we turn it on. As a producer, knowing that an artist is comfortable and excited by a microphone is a powerful asset to any session. Flea microphones instill a confidence in singers that makes my work so much more rewarding and the returns from our efforts speak for themselves.” Gene


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