Flea47 – Sugar Spector, Ceo Tone Flake Records, Japan

Sugar Spector


 Dear Mr Milos, Your mic is what I wanted for many many years. A classic dressed as famous 47 but the sounds are exceeding any of those vintage tube mics. I actually own many of vintage tube mics. My usual setting is hooking up to perfect maintained Neve 1073 then Digidesign Protools. The result was what I never thought before …… Flea47 was the best vocal track I have ever heard!

Then I try Uke Hawaiian music. When I play in to Flea47 and hearing monitors, I felt the sounds are bit hard than other mics. But when I play back, a magic happen. Flea47 sounds so real and emotional!!

I understand that Flea47 do not need high frequency boost equalizing after recording in mix. Think carefully about EQ. If you boost high when you are recording or mixing process. You will boost unwanted analog system noise made by preamps, by mixing console. Also phase form will have critical metamorphose. With FLEA47, you really don’t need to do that!! So, when I recorded Uke, all subtones are perfect in detail and can hear my Uke like I hear just beside of it. I would try in near future your Flea47 tuned with VF14 M7 and UF14 K47 also. My dream now is not buying a forbidden cost “VINTAGE” tube mics, but buying all FLEA mics!!! I don’t interest anymore for those aged vinatge mics now. I agree in some situation they are still the best choice for someone, but not for me. I don’t found a word how to say my respect and thanks to you Mr Milos. Hope I can buy all your mics one day!


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I took a cool picture in the studio yesterday. A superb mic !!! 😉