Flea50 – Mike Valentine, Valentine Films, Decca Tree Recording Session

Mike Valentine

 “I recently had the pleasure of buying 3 of your M50 mics from Pro Audio Europe. I have just returned from Venice where I used them in a Decca Tree to great effect…..”
“The musicians of the chamber orchestra also have said they thought that it was their best recording yet.”
” I cannot recommend you mics too highly. I think that they are absolutely outstanding.
Thank you for building these instruments to such a high standard.”


What Other Flea50 Owners Say...

Flea50’s, Takehiko Naito, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

 “I’ve tried a lot of different mics for the Decker Tree. Neumann M49, Neumann M150,

Flea50’s And Flea47, Jason Larocca

“Here is a video including Jason recording the score for the “The Accountant.” He used

Flea50’s – Chris Fogel

“The complete orchestra was recorded with Flea50’s, all live, no samples.”